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Keeping productive as a creative in lockdown?

If you are a stylist like me then you thrive in social situations. I do not thrive in lockdown. It's amazing to watch people grow their socials and come up with some amazing ideas to push their way through this second lock down happening in Scotland but this time round thats not me.

So what is different?

It's a question I have been asking myself but also not trying to give myself a hard time at all. I read an post lately stating the likelihood of your creative flow being 'stuck' when you are not feeling safe and secure. It's is totally normal. The post went like this...

"Imagine telling a story to your best friend. This story will be colourful and detailed and you will bring life to it. Your best friend will feel lik

e they are living the story as you have painted a pretty great picture for them to follow, you will be theatrical, excited and your creativity to tell the story would flow naturally. Now imagine telling the story to a bunch of strangers, outside your comfort zone now? The story would be hindered with your insecurities and worries of what you are dealing with in front of you. This stops your creative flow in its tracks." (cant remeber the author if you know let me know to credit)

This is what is happening, I am guessing, to me and alot of people this time round. This is not normal circumstances we are in. Stop giving yourself such a hard time and delve into only what you need to to get through day by day at the moment. You are not any less of a creative for nit being able to come up with new and exciting ideas, especially if you are living on your own and you dont have other people to bounce off. We are social creatures and meant to be in healthy, like minded groups of others, its where we thrive.

I've pretty much wrote this blog for me. To check in on myself and say everything you are going through is normal and ok. Also to reach out to any other creative feeling like this at the moment...

You are not alone.

You are not lazy.

You are still a creative.

This is only temporary I keep telling myself.

Sending love out to everyone

Nik x

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