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Hello! As a self employed stylist with a full schedule to run I do my best to answer my clients queries as quick as I can. If you have a question about my services please have a read below, you may find the answer. Anything I've missed? Use the contact form or Instagram DM to get in touch. Please subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to get updates or any news.


New Client Availability

I'm currently unable to accept new clients as my schedule is fully booked. I post new client availability on my Instagram stories and run it on a first come, first served basis. I recommend you switch story notifications on my page if you're a new client looking to book. Unfortunately I am unable to run a new client wait list. 

Curly Cuts & 

Stylist Recommendations

As I'm unable to take on new clients currently, I get a lot of queries about recommending other curly experienced stylists. I recognise people with curly and coily hair are underserved in the hairdressing industry and it can be difficult to find a stylist to understand your hair needs. I'd recommend researching; social media can be a great tool for this. I also run curly cutting workshops in an effort to help other hairdressers feel more confident cutting curly hair. The social media of my latest attendees are below, check them out and see if they fit the style you're looking for. 

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I alway provide an in-depth consultation for my new and exisiting clients. This makes sure that your hair is exactly how you want it! everyone sees colour differently and it is important to me to see how you view colour, this makes for you getting the best colour of your life to your eye. For existing clients this is also so important and not to be missed as trends and needs change just like our lives, you are never forgotten as one of my existing clients.

Vivid Colour & Maintenance

After alot of research and experimenting I decided to use Staino from Evo Hair my vivid colours. The longevity with Staino is next to no other and you will see lasting results weeks after colour(up to 50 washes) With the right after care & maintenance this can last longer than some other  vivid colours.  This range is vegan and 100% cruelty free and sustainable which as always is super important to me when chosing products. I do the hard work so you dont have to.

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General Maintenance & After Care

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If you're a client with a fringe, I will trim it between full cut appointments. Please DM to organise, I will do my best to fit you in. 

I will always recommend industry standard shampoo, conditioner and treatments to maintain your colour during your consultations. Using good quality products can increase time between salon visits and make such a difference to the longevity of your colour. I have no contractual ties to any brand so will always give you authentic opinions and can recommend products based on your budget too. If you have any queries about products please ask during your consultation! 

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