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Weaving your way through your hair career

Highlights. Weaves. Lowlights. Slices. Babylights...

The list goes on of different names given for foiling/meche/paper weaves, essentially the same technique is used. So getting that right is key.

The biggest thing I’ve been asked since starting my instagram education page is advice on foil work. Do you use the same section pattern on every guest when you foil hair? Pretty much every set of foils I do is different. This is usually because every guests hairline/crown is different so why would every set of foils not be different?

Here are a few tips when it comes to weaving...

1. Think about the way the hair lies when it comes to placement, do they have a fringe? Do you want to ‘see’ the definition in your foils.

2. Think about the hair you are leaving out the foil as well as the hair you are weaving into the foil. What you leave out is important also for depth and definition in foils.

3. TINY SECTIONS! Even if you are doing chunkier/block areas, take smaller sections and build up.... you should be able to see through your hair section, this way you won’t have patchy, uneven lift and will get closer to the root.

4. When foiling underneath sections look at the ends of the hair when you section as this is what you will see.. not what’s at the root... you might find you want to have more hair in.

I mostly slice low-lights when working underneath the parting area.

The biggest tip I can give though is when I weave and say small sections I mean SMALL sections. This stops any uneven or patchy lifting and gives you cleaner blondes.

Your colour will also lift quicker due to proper saturation 💛

When going for a more chunkier/defined look in your weaves take the same small sections but just build the colour up... 2/3x back to back.

If you are taking 1/2 inch sections and still seeing root, having patchy uneven lift and warmth hanging around try weaving your sections finer and see the results.

You should be able to see through your section to what’s underneath e.g. foil/meche.

It might be scary thinking how much longer this will take but the results are so much more refined and high standard quality, the grow out is soft and the lift is cleaner.

Compensate for this in the salon and give yourself more time.... charge for it.... because once you start working these weaves your guests will notice the difference and understand why this is happening.

Don’t ever be afraid to charge what your work is worth, especially if you are spending

money investing in yourself.

The good old saying you get what you pay for is so true 💛

I could honestly go on forever when it comes to foiling. It’s an artform.

To learn more about foiling/weaving and lightening send an email to to enquire about group or one to one workshops.

Also visit my shop to download the Back to Basics Colour Theory booklet.


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