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Back to basics - The Colour Wheel

This as we all know is a Colour Wheel.

I’m going to start with proper basics. We are never too big for our boots to go back and refresh. It’s amazing the amount of things you realise you have forgotten when it comes to colouring hair.

Most younger technicians I have educated in the past have never been shown one of these in previous colour training.....SAAAYYY WHHHATTT!

I know right! Mental!

If you know the colour wheel off by heart, know what enhances and neutralises colours, You will feel so much better when it comes to mixing colour.

It can be a bit daunting when youre starting out to look at this and think ‘how the hell does this help with colouring hair’

But it does.

The first thing I get people to do on colour courses is print this wheel off and mark on the wheel where the colour system they use sits... .1 blue etc. For me and them.

Did you also know that every colour range is mixed with a different ratio of blue/red/yellow.... depending on the ratio used in the base colours can really change your colour results.

Using a 6.0 in L’Oréal is very different to a 6n in Aveda. When starting with a new colour line I ALWAYS ask the reps what is the base colour ratios, sometimes I get an answer, sometimes I get funny looks 😂

Have you ever considered doing this before?

Print out this colour wheel and give it a try and see if it puts a clearer picture of what you are working with in your head.

Us Hairdressers are a creative bunch and I always feel to have a visual rather than just reading really helps me while working on clients and also for people to understand Colour Theory better making for more confident hairdressers 💛

Knowing if you are enhancing or neutralising when formulation for your colour is of the utmost importance as well as properly assesing your natural base level and taking into consideration hair thickness and texture. Is this something you do or have been told to do.

Alot of stylist I begin training with tell me they pick out the shade in the swatch chart without this even crossing their minds, resulting in colour result which they and their clients are not happy with. Training on the colour wheel and colour theory makes for more confident Hair Technicians resulting in happier clients and work satisfaction.

Were you ever shown a colour wheel as part of your colour education?

My Colour Theory Back to Basics Online download booklet covers everything youll need to know when starting with hair colour and is also great to have a go to when new Apprentices start at the salon. It gives you confidence in your knowledge to go into a colour consultation knowing your stuff so you feel confident to tackle any colour request.

Colour Theory Back to Basics Download - £25

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